Git Download


The easiest way to get a Git repository of GAMGI is to use git clone. This can be done using the HTTP protocol (more common) or the GIT protocol (much faster):

HTTP protocol

git clone

GIT protocol

git clone git://

This creates a new directory called gamgi, containing everything that is usually distributed in a GAMGI tarball: source code, documentation and data files.


Currently GAMGI is released in two different versions, maintained in two different master branches: master-g, that requires the library GTKGLExt, and master-x, that requires only the library GLX that comes with every OpenGL release for the X Window System. git clone automatically creates a local branch master-g tracking remote origin/master-g:
cd gamgi
git branch -a
We suggest creating also a local branch master-x to automatically track remote origin/master-x, so the two GAMGI versions are monitored in the same way:
git checkout -b master-x origin/master-x
git branch -vv


To keep updated with the official GAMGI repository on the server, the easiest way is to use git pull on both branches:
git checkout master-g
git pull
git checkout master-x
git pull
As these local branches are tracked to remote branches origin/master-g and origin/master-x, git pull is enough to update each branch from the server repository.